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the #1 road racing bicycle lifestyle Video based content created and uploaded straight from honolulu, hawaii

First things first, the humongous elephant in the room, what the heck is ChariSumisu?  Chari (チャリ) is as slang a word as there is for "bicycle" in the Japanese language and Sumisu (スミス) is my last name, Smith, in its Japanese pronunciation.  Ok great, but so what?  Well, when you put them together you get "Bike Smith," you know, like Gold Smith, Black Smith or Lock Smith, and I thought that was kind of cute.  It's that simple, it's my explanation and I am sticking to it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

meet your videographer, Jason Smith

"Fabulous, claiming ChariSumisu, the Bike Smith, and what gives you that right," you may be thinking.  Let's start with the Japanese part.  I first went to Japan in 1997 "for adventure."  I did what I had to do for employment and while I lived near the middle of Osaka, I commuted two hours each way to get to the karaoke box I worked at.  I rapidly learned the spoken language after which I began teaching myself the written language.  Needless to say, working in a karaoke joint wasn't my life-long goal and I returned to Hawaii, adventure done and dusted.  A second stint in Japan, from 2006 to 2009, fostered my


interest in creating on-line videos and road cycling.  I was working for a Japanese general contractor in Furano Hokkaido that was receiving spillover Australian customers fed up with Niseko, which was already well developed for the international travel market.  To keep these customers up-to-date with the progress of their new Hokkaido homes, I used cutting-edge (for the period), recently released consumer grade HD video cameras (that still recorded to mini_DV tapes) and the other nascent internet technology of the time to post videos.  A time when it would take all day to upload a couple hundred mega-bytes to YouTube.

A time when, after waiting all day, you weren't even sure if your video would "render." During this time in Japan I also began riding road bicycles; in surf shorts, long sleeve t-shirts and tennis shoes.  


After re-establishing full-time in Hawaii in late 2009 I continued my cycling journey, arriving at a point that I began wearing proper cycling attire and shaving my as-of-yet un-honed guns.  A long road filled with literal twists, turns, bumps and bruises brought me to my current level of ability and experience in the craft: racing for overall wins here in Hawaii with assorted racing experience in California, Canada and Japan.  I have won or stood atop the overall podium of every single race in Hawaii, more than once.

I am unaffiliated with nor endorsed by any entity, be it LBS, frame/component/tire manufacturer, shoe/helmet maker, nada, nothing, zip-zero.  Why would I sell away my ability to give honest, unbiased opinions on anything I have ever or will ever use on this continued journey?  What's the benefit of that, a free pair of tires?  Yeah right.

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